FASS releases outcomes of the National Forum on the Future Science Needs of Animal Agriculture

FASS has released the outcomes of The Farm Animal Integrated Research (FAIR) 2012 Forum that was held March 46, 2012, in Arlington, Virginia. The purpose of FAIR 2012 was to establish research, education and outreach priorities for animal agriculture. More than 160 animal scientists, veterinarians and university, government and industry representatives met to discuss issues of food security, animal and human health, and responsible environmental stewardship. This was the third national forum, which have all been held nearly every five years to coincide with the U.S. Farm Bill deliberations. The priorities developed at the forum are designed to provide input to the $3.2 billion federal agricultural research, education and economic programs.

FAIR 2012 Summary
FAIR 2012 Outcomes
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FASS Hosted Webinar: "The Role of the FASS Ag Guide in Farm Animal Research"

The issue of farm animal care in research is currently the subject of much discussion and debate in Washington, DC and around the country. To help clarify policies and procedures related to farm animal care and available resources, FASS, publisher of the Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Research and Teaching (FASS Ag Guide) hosted a webinar entitled "The Role of the FASS Ag Guide in Farm Animal Research". Watch this free webinar to learn more about policy issues surrounding farm animal care and the role of the FASS Ag Guide.

Latest News From Washington


FASS Science Policy Monthly Report December 2015
- Congress Reaches Agreement on FY 2016 Omnibus
- Riley Memorial Foundation Hosts Meeting on Unified Message
- FSIS Announces Actions on Residues and Chemicals
- USDA Issues Final Rule on Exemption of Organic Products from Checkoffs


FASS Science Policy Monthly Report November 2015
- FASS Participates in OSTP Meeting on Raising the Profile of Agriculture
- OSTP Seeks Input on Agriculture Innovation
- Congress Working on Omnibus Appropriations Bill
- USDA Hosts Listening Sessions on Public Access to Science
- FDA Approves GE Salmon, Rejects Mandatory GE Labeling Requirement


FASS Science Policy Monthly Report October 2015
- WHO Releases Report on Cancer and Meat
- Debt Deal Struck, Omnibus Appropriations to Follow
- FASS Participates in FAANG Meeting
- ARS Seeks Input on Animal Health Research Priorities


FASS Science Policy Monthly Report September 2015
- Congress Passes CR, Avoids Government Shutdown
- FDA Releases Final Rule on Preventive Controls for Animal Food
- House Agriculture Committee Schedules Hearings on Research Innovations and Dietary Guidelines
- FDA Holds Public Meeting on Antibiotic Use Data Collection
- FASS Washington Representative Participates in AAC Meeting


FASS Science Policy Monthly Report August 2015
- FDA to Hold Public Meeting on Antibiotic Use Data Collection
- Animal Welfare Policy Remains Hot Topic in Washington
- Congress Returns to Full Agenda in September

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