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FASS Announces Invitation for Applications for the 2015–2016 FASS Congressional Science Fellowship

2014–2015 FASS Congressional Science Fellow Announced: Cassie Welch

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Graduate Students and Mid-Career Professionals: What will you be doing a year from now?

Congressional Fellows are sought by congressional offices for their high-level scientific expertise and perspective that can shape public policies and make positive contributions to lives around the globe.

Fellows transfer their experiences to successful careers. Some return to academia and research, using newly gained insight into the government–science interface to benefit both students and colleagues. Others continue in the public sector and with nonprofit organizations, applying scientific expertise to planning, legislative and regulatory policy initiatives, and program management. Still others advance careers in the private sector, bringing innovative perspectives to industry. At the conclusion of the year, roughly one-third of the Fellows return to their previous positions or other positions in the sector from which they came, one-third remain in Washington, DC, or other locations working in the public policy arena, and one-third go on to new positions in different sectors.

What is the Congressional Fellow program?

The Congressional Science and Engineering Fellowship Program®, founded in 1973, is a cooperative effort of approximately 30 scientific and engineering societies, each of which selects and supports highly skilled scientists and engineers for one-year fellowship awards. Fellows spend one year working as special assistants in legislative areas that would benefit from scientific and engineering input, serving on the staffs of Members of Congress or congressional committees.

The Congressional Fellowships are designed to provide a unique public-policy learning experience, to demonstrate the value of science–government interaction, and to make practical contributions to the more effective use of scientific and technical knowledge in government.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) coordinates the Congressional Fellowships, which include an orientation on congressional and executive branch operations and a yearlong professional development program and networking activities. The AAAS Fellowships Department collaborates with its partner scientific societies to maintain overall standards and program coherence.

The FASS is a partner scientific society in the The Congressional Science and Engineering Fellowship Program®. Each year, FASS sponsors its self-selected fellow for the program. Participation in the program was established by FASFAS in 1990 and continued by FASS. Each year, PhD scientists in animal science or a related field compete for the opportunity to represent FASS in Congress. Many of these scientists stay on the Washington scene after their fellowship year and continue to serve animal agriculture in significant ways.


  • Spend a year on Capitol Hill helping to research, develop, and draft legislation, and providing input to policy review and oversight
  • Participate in the AAAS Professional Development Program, which includes an orientation, monthly topical seminars, skill-building workshops, and networking activities
  • The selected fellow receives an annual stipend plus a limited allowance for relocation and travel expenses
Enhancing Public Policy
Advancing Careers

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